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vIDix Labor

Time & Attendance Solution

vIDix Labor provides the tools to effectively manage your workforce while making informed decisions and encouraging productivity. 

Deployment Options

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Private Cloud

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vIDix Labor Web-Based Time and Attendance solution automates the data collection process while providing the tools and information necessary to proactively manage your workforce. This allows you to better manage labor costs and improve productivity.

Configurable Rules Engine

There may be differences in policies among various departments within your organization. Our centralized policy management helps to accurately and consistently apply pay rules to the right group of employees. 

One Click Favorites

Create easy access to your most commonly used functions. Reporting, exception tracking, payroll processing and historical reports can be setup as a single click function.

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Alerts and Reminders

Never miss unexpected overtime occurrences, late arrivals, Affordable Care Act (ACA) violations or record changes ever again. Receiving alerts and notifications prevents issues that could impact your organization negatively.

Payroll Integration

Our expertise is integrating vIDix Labor to your existing payroll system. Integrating systems means data only has to be entered once and cuts down on the steps taken. Overall, payroll processing becomes quick and simple.

On-Demand Reports

We have made it easy for you to get the information you need. We offer a wide array of time and attendance reports which empowers you to adjust staffing data and spot trends during the pay period rather than after the fact.

Accrual Tracking
Active Directory
Analytical Reporting
Employee Self-Service Options
Exception Tracking
Expanded Rates
Exception Tracking
Expanded Rates
Full Audit & History
GPS Tracking
Labor Level Tracking
Meal & Break Tracking
Payroll Exports & Interfaces
Punch Rounding
Robust Scheduling
Timesheet Approval
Unlimited Users
User Configurable Pay Policies
Web Based
Worked Holidays

Data Collection

With multiple time collection methods available, employees can easily track their time. Use a combination of methods to collect data fast and accurately.


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Many timeclock varieties are available to fit your needs. Employees can easily clock in at a timeclock using their employee badge (bar code or proximity) using the keypad, or using bio-metrics. In addition to clocking in, employees can transfer to different labor accounts, activity codes, display last punch and view total hours.

Employee Self Service App

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Simplify time and attendance by using mobile devices so you can quickly prepare timesheets for payroll processing. The vIDix Labor employee self service app makes tracking time, requesting time off and running reports easy for employees. Quickly transform any device; phone, tablet or computer into a timeclock.

The Offline Punch App allows employees to clock in & out and make transfers. Once the employee is back online, information is sent to their timesheet.

Professional Timesheet

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Employees can easily enter their hours in a spreadsheet format via Professional Timesheet. They are also able to reallocate hours at the end of any time period to more accurately reflect their actual activities. This information will then be sent on to payroll or any other system of record.

Data Collection


Interested in becoming a Partner? Want to learn more about vIDix Labor? Need Training? Reach out to us today and we'll help you get up and running.

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