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vIDix Control

Pure IP or Distributed Access Control Solution

vIDix CONTROL is the complete security platform, giving you visibility into your day-to-day security operations.


vIDix provides the assurance of knowing your facilities and personnel are safe and secure. The all-in-one security platform delivers the power to securely manage doors, entrances & exits in your buildings, view live & recorded video based on events, send mass notifications, manage event status and more all at a finger’s touch.


vIDix CONTROL provides organizations the insight required to make accurate decisions & quickly respond to any crisis event. 

Deployment Options

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Private Cloud


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Deployment Options


Optimized for Ease of Use

It's never a difficult task to manage and edit cardholders, credentials or schedules. With the Add Person Wizard easily step through adding new cardholders to the system. Extensive Filter and Search capabilities means that it takes only seconds to retrieve key pieces of data whether being cardholder, schedule or configuration related data. Instantly get the information you need with tailored reports delivered on-screen, exported or printed. 

Security Guard


Lockdown your facility in matter of seconds via a physical button, your workstation or mobile device. Lockdown all of your doors and decide who can have access or completely lock everyone out. Cancel Lockdown all together or door-by-door allowing the authorities to sweep the entire facility. 

On-Screen Alerts and Messaging

Stay completely informed both onsite and off. Email and Text alerts along with on-screen and mobile System Status provides instantaneous feedback. See the condition of your Doors, Monitor Points and System Hardware as well as if there are any Anti-Passback Violations or if Lockdown has been enabled. 

Mobile Phone

Comprehensive Unlock Schedules

There's a scheduling option to fit your needs. Standard Unlock Schedules will automatically unlock customer facing doors each day. Intelligent Unlock Schedules means you decide which cardholders are required onsite first before any door is unlocked.

One-Time Unlock Schedules allows any one-off or non-daily events to automatically unlock on that day. Of course there is always a need to be able to override the current status of any door, this can be accomplished now or scheduled for any time of a given day. 

Easy Enrollment

Utilize cardholder data from other systems as well as keep other systems up to date. Saving you time from repetitive data entry. Users can easily be enrolled from a PC, laptop or tablet.

Consultation on Tablet

Flexible Deployment Options

For organizations with many doors in a given area, it makes sense to consolidate the hardware into as few control locations as possible or to have centralized management. Distributed or IP Solutions are used to augment centralized access control systems with stand-alone doors as well as to build out entire distributed ecosystems. An advantage to IP Solutions is that one wire is run to each to door simplifying the infrastructure which leads to reduced installation costs and less time maintaining the system. 

Interactive Maps & Live Video 

With the vIDix Security Platform, view live video from any camera, associated door or input. Live video can automatically display onscreen in an alarm event, such as forced or held-open door, keeping you informed during a crisis event. Interactive map allows users to quickly identify a region of concern, then click on an icon to display live video. All event history is stored in the Transaction Logs allowing recorded video to be reviewed from events which have transpired in the past. 

Mass Notification - Control -

Mass Notification

Be prepared when a crisis event arises. Let us ensure that all your systems are seamlessly working together keeping your employees informed and safe. This is accomplished with audio alerts containing informational messaging. Visual indicators; including color-coded lighting, marquee signage, along with textual displays providing instructive information.

Wireless Locks

Extend electronic access control to areas in your facility off limits to a wired solution. This provides unlimited credential validation. The ability to momentarily unlock a door, schedule doors unlocked each day including first person unlock capabilities. Lockdown the doors through the various software interface options or directly at the door. This solution includes locksets available for various door configurations including designer, glass doors, cabinets and server racks. With a streamline approach on hardware, this makes a perfect solution for multi-tenant applications. 

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Active Directory Integration
Alarm Acknowledgement
Comprehensive Reports
Elevator Control
Email/Text Alerts
Event Actions
Filter & Search Capabilities
Holiday Override
Intelligent Unlock Schedules
Keypad & Biometric Support
Mass Notification
Mulit-Credential Assignment
Multi-Person Unlock
One-Time Unlock Schedules
Sally Port Control
Software & Hardware Triggers
System Status
Unlimited Access Schedules
Unlimited Door Groups

vIDix Control App

The vIDix Control App provides users the knowledge, freedom and flexibility to manage daily activities surrounding their facility as well as respond to incidents and emergencies - anytime, anywhere.

  • Unlock a door or group of doors

  • Momentarily unlock a door or group of doors

  • Lock a door or group of doors

  • Grant/revoke access by Person/Credential

  • Lockdown the entire facility with one click

  • Visual Alerts on all aspects of your system

  • Initiate Mass Notifications from your smart device

  • Activate other systems from remote locations

  • Receive Email/Text Alerts on all aspects of your system

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vIDix Go App

The vIDix Go is a new mobile access control device that will forever change the way you interact with your doors. The device provides a hands-on solution to momentarily unlock a controlled door from any smartphone with the tap of a finger. This means your employees, contractors, vendors, visitors, and tenants can have door access at their fingertips!

  • Momentarily Unlock Doors

  • Personalized Door List

  • View Door Status - Locked, Unlocked, and Alarm State

  • Organize Doors by Name or Location then Name